Our mission is to showcase the best players in Michigan
Michigan Batbusters 2019 - 2020 Contacts


 Fastpitch Board of Directors 
contact @ MIBatbustersOrg@gmail.com
President Dan Vitale
Vice President Sandy Mauser
Secretary Cory French
Treasurer Taylor Moceri
Fundraising Coordinator Jennifer Chapman
Board Member Mike Higgins
Board Member Dave McIntyre
Website Maintenance Sandy Mauser

2109 - 2020 Fastpitch Coaches
10U Yoskovich Frank Yoskovich
12u Vandenbrink MJ Vandenbrink
12u Higgins Mike Higgins
12u Goodrich Frank Goodrich
12u D'Angelo Derek D'Angelo
14u Maloney Shawn Maloney
14u Balcom Rich Balcom
14u Moceri Taylor Moceri
14u Schwesinger Julie Schwesinger
14u Bloomfield Ted Bloomfield
16u Mcintyre Shanyn Mcintyre
16u Cervone Eric Cervone
16u French Cory French
16u Croud Lauren Croud
16u Kanakry John Kanakry
16u Vitale Dan Vitale
16u Burr Adam Burr
16u Murray Mike Murray
18u Meacham Brad Meacham
18u Vandenbrink MJ Vandenbrink
College Jones Jim Jones
College Tiseo Augie Tiseo
College Hazel Ryan Hazel
College Vermiglio Paul Vermiglio