Our mission is to showcase the best players in Michigan
Michigan Batbusters 2019 - 2020 Contacts


 Fastpitch Board of Directors 
contact @ MIBatbustersOrg@gmail.com
President Dan Vitale
Vice President Sandy Mauser
Secretary Cory French
Treasurer Taylor Moceri
Fundraising Coordinator Jennifer Chapman
Board Member Mike Higgins
Board Member Dave McIntyre
Website Maintenance Sandy Mauser

2109 - 2020 Fastpitch Coaches

 Baseball Board of Directors 
President Jeff McGavin jmcgavin1@me.com
VP of Finances Paul Addis paddiis@michiganjustice.com
VP of Personnel Jerry Gadette jerryjrgadette@icloud.com
Asst VP of Personnel Mike Macauley macuom7@hotmail.com
Head of Player Development Brad Muszynski info@vitales-perfect-game.com
Player Development Connor Mead cmead1201@gmail.com
Secretary/Parent Rep Dennis Brantley dkbrantley@hotmail.com

 Baseball Head Coaches
8u Jeff McGavin jmcgavin1@me.com
9u Jeff McGavin jmcgavin1@me.com
10u Connor Mead cmead1201@gmail.com
11u Mike Macauley macuom7@hotmail.com
12u Derek Wilczynski dsw@blancopc.com
13u Paul Addis paddis@michiganjustice.com
14u Sam Lico rlico@comcast.net
15u Chris Kennedy cckennedy2019@gmail.com